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Our Story

Robyn & Roxy

As a mom to a little girl with type 1 diabetes, we have been through all the well familiar challenges of coming to terms with and then coping with Lexie’s disease. We made the decision to get the Dexcom device in 2018 and it has been working very well for us so far. With an active 7 year old who plays sports and is in and out of the swimming pool and shower, one of our struggles was keeping the built in plaster dry and in place for the expected 7-10 days. Another struggle is to get her to feel “normal” and pretty with this very visible ‘thing” on her arm 24/7. Kids can be cruel as we all know, and making this medical device ‘look cool” has always been at the back of my mind.
So I started looking for something durable and fun to solve these issues. For a South African stay-at-home mom of 2 on a budget, importing them from USA was just not an option especially when a new one is needed every 5-7 days. So with the help of creative friend and fellow stay-at-home mom we decided to do it ourselves!
We have tested all materials on the market and after months of planning and fine tuning have found a product that works so well- I am just over the moon with what we have created! With an average wear of 5-7 days we have made a proudly South African product to fit the South African budget and my little Lexie has never been happier. Our product is medical grade non-woven polyester which dries quickly after shower/bath therefore the skin does not get irritated.